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A grassroots initiative established to protect animals and support their rescuers.

Our work includes sterilization projects for free-living cats, all-species animal sanctuary support, and recruitment projects for qualified and experienced animal caretakers and rescue sanctuaries.

Our trustees are all highly experienced animal care professionals who have devoted their life to animal care and advocacy. Their qualifications include RVN BSc, MVDr MRCVS GPCert (ExAP), and they are founders of high-volume and high-quality spay and neuter projects.

We are a UK-registered charity # 1203785 regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

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Photo Credit: Fabian Rivers

Our Mission

is to improve access to an autonomous, healthy, and happy life for all individuals regardless of species. We do this by working alongside locally-led groups on projects that have a direct impact.

Many regions throughout the Global South suffer unique challenges that require creative and strategic perspectives, approaches, and tactics. We believe no one knows how to overcome these barriers better than those on the ground.

We focus on capacity-building in marginalized communities of the Global South to effectively protect the animals in our community.

We have worked on-site alongside groups in Vietnam, Cambodia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Greece while collaborating with a larger network of initiatives across the Global South including Turkey, India, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and more.

Our Work


Animal Suffering Prevention

Spaying and neutering free-living community animals is often the best way to help them in the majority of the world where endless rescue and lifelong shelter is not possible.

Our team is actively engaged in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) projects throughout the Global South, working alongside communities to protect their free-living animals. We focus on high-quality and high-volume TNR standards.

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Animal Rescue Jobs

We aim to connect sanctuaries with qualified and experienced animal caretakers who can sustain these rescue centers in the long-term, or find high-impact animal rescue prevention projects that help animals avoid the trauma that create the need for their rescue in the first place. 

This is a developing project.

Photo Credit: Olis Gang Sheep Sanctuary


Animal Sanctuary Support

Sanctuaries provide essential protection and care to animals who have been discarded, neglected, abused, or simply born unlucky as a commodified species. They demonstrate a revolutionary new model of unconditional care, kinship, and reciprocity towards others.

We equip sanctuaries with the resources and strategies they need to overcome the barriers they face to providing high-quality lifelong care.

Photo Credit: The ARC Sanctuary

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As a UK-registered charity # 1203785 regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, all donations to Travel Animal Rescue Global go towards advancing animal protection.

Predominantly, that means spay/neuter costs and equipment.

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Our Trustees

Our team of trustees are all dedicated animal care professionals deeply rooted in the
protection of animals rights and well-being both locally and globally

Adelle Goodman

Founder of Travel Animal Rescue

Sanctuary Worker

TNR-Certified Trapper

Fabian Rivers


Exotics Vet

Animal Docu TV Presenter

RSPCA Ambassador



Anupriya Dalmia

Founder of Dogs of Delhi S/N



Shakira Free

RVN BSc, Fear-Free certified

Multi award-winning vet nurse

Founder of SaveABulls campaign




Travel Animal Rescue around the world

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Kotor Kitties

Kotor, Montenegro

In 2022, we worked alongside Kotor Kitties to spay and neuter 39 free-living cats in the Bay of Kotor, Tivat, and Budva.

Kotor Kitties is Montenegro’s first high-quality, high-volume TNR project and have sterilized over 11,000+ community cats since 2018 with the help of an all-volunteer team.

Travel Animal Rescue 9

Cat Shelter Jessica

Belgrade, Serbia

In 2022, while visiting Belgrade, Serbia we helped Trap-Neuter-Return 5 community cats alongside the locals who cared for them, who no longer wanted to see them constantly give birth, get sick, and suffer on the streets.

Cat Shelter Jessica provides shelter to 30 rescued cats while trying to find them loving homes.

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Cats of Trebinje

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2022, we traveled to Trebinje to meet with the southern regions first registered nonprofit focused on TNR. We met with local volunteers and discussed best practices and techniques for trapping cats for sterilization.

This team has sterilized over 100+ community cats since 2022.


The ARC Sanctuary

Lefkada island, Greece

In 2023, we spent two weeks at the sanctuary doing direct animal care and up-keep of the sanctuary maintenance.

We also provide short-term sleepovers in Athens for soon-to-be adopted ARC cats who are flying to their new homes abroad.


Nine Lives Greece

Athens, Greece

As an active Nine Lives volunteer, we help with the trapping, sterilization, and return of community cats throughout the center of Athens.

With an extremely high population of free-living cats who suffer greatly in an urban environment, they aim for the highly-efficient annual spay/neuter of 1,700+ street cats and daily feeding of 500+ street cats.


The 5th Cat

Syros island, Greece

In 2023, we joined French-registered charity The 5th Cat to trap, spay/neuter, rehabilitate, and return 21 cats in the countryside of Syros island.

This project is part of a larger multi-year project to help free-living cats receive the basic care they need to survive these harsh rural conditions, live longer and suffer less without continuing the cycle of endless birth and death.

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